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Just a few words about what people are saying about us.

Teachers are amazing but they’re not trained counsellors and it’s trained experts those children with some of the biggest problems imaginable need. That’s why Invictus are making such a difference to their lives by helping and supporting them with the skills and raising confidence/self-esteem to help enable them to realise their full potential.


As well as data, our teachers report that all children's difficulties were 'much better' after seeing Invictus and that for some children in particular, the impact of the counselling on their classroom learning has lead to real improvements.

Nicola Baxter – Safeguard Lead,

Calder High School, Halifax

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At a time where teenagers are faced with increasing pressures, we have found we are dealing with and supporting students with a wide range of emotional needs. We have been fortunate enough to be able to utilise the services of Invictus. Emotional wellbeing and support for our students became immediate. With their flexibility and expertise, the Invictus team have enabled us to support our most vulnerable students emotionally, whilst we have been able to concentrate on their education.

Zandra Puddephatt

Brooksbank SENCO/Assistant Head

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I wanted to apply to become a Peer Mentor as I think it is important for new students to feel safe and welcome in our school.


When I started at Calder High school there wasn’t a Peer Mentoring scheme and at times I found it difficult making new friendships, finding my way around the building and understanding how high school works in general. The Peer Mentoring scheme helped to address these issues and I wanted to be part of it. I felt that as a year 11 student I could be a good role model and could help younger students to feel safe and happy in their new environment.


In my role as a Peer Mentor I have introduced myself in assembly along with my team so that students know who we are and what we represent. I have supervised a room at lunch time which was advertised to year 7 students as a safe place to be, where they could ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have knowing that their issue will always be passed onto staff and dealt with appropriately. I have spoken to students around school that may look lost and always been a friendly face that students can approach.


Most recently my colleagues and I delivered an assembly on Internet Safety and presented it to the KeyStage 3 students.


I think that the Peer Mentoring scheme is a great idea and I look forward to seeing how it will progress not only in our school but nationwide.



Calder High School

The Invictus Team is second to none at helping some of our most vulnerable students. Like many schools we have found that an increasing number of our students have a wide range of emotional needs that they need help addressing, so that they can make progress in school and go on to lead fulfilling lives. Partnering with Invictus means that we are able to draw upon a wealth of expertise and experience so that our students are supported through times when they feel the most vulnerable.


John Colton has helped a great number of pupils with a range of issues. Thanks to Invictus we are even able to provide sessions for families when needed.

We are inundated with requests for more sessions with John from the pupils who see him weekly, John equips pupils with strategies to help them manage situations and issues that they may be going through. Being able to talk to John has helped many students navigate through difficult times and achieve positive outcomes when , if they hadn't had access to him, situations may have seemed much more unmanageable.


Patrick Kennedy

Dixons Allerton Academy Bradford


Invictus Wellbeing had a lovely worker ring me back yesterday and felt listened to and supported. Please pass on my thanks.

A parent in relation to Parent and Carer Helpline.